Years ago, I had a big interest in solving crimes, so I worked hard and received an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. I started attending undergraduate classes at the university, in the field of Criminology, and Crime Scene Investigations!


During that time I acquired a job at a local packaging distributor, and there was introduced to the awesome world of packaging. I decided to work hard, learn as much as I could about the different materials, different printing processes, and the production processes for different products. Doing so, along with going to school for CAD training, I achieved the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to be your packaging structural designer and consultant.


Needless to say I fell in love with everything packaging. Especially custom printed packaging. I still have the interest in solving puzzles, but now, instead of being interested in solving crimes, I would love to solve the puzzle of your packaging needs!  
So you can easily say that "Packaging is a passion of mine!" 


I am a packaging structural designer (CAD), and have over 22 years work experience in the packaging industry. The majority of my experience is specifically with custom folding cartons, corrugated boxes/displays, and custom printed labels.  I am very innovative! So if you need a custom project I will design it so it will be easy to produce, assemble and fulfill.  I design from scratch, with the inside dimensions you specify. I can help you with a box dieline for either a simple standard style, or a sketch of your custom concept.


I will provide the dieline to you, in an Adobe Illustrator (.ai), PDF (.pdf), and DXF (.dxf) file formats for your convenience.  Any of these formats will easily open in Adobe Illustrator, so you or your graphic designer can get started applying the artwork.


I do work a regular day job as a sales representative for a custom printed folding carton manufacturer called "International PaperBox" here in Salt Lake City, Utah.
But in my evenings I am a freelancer, building structural box dielines for you!
I'm greatly looking forward to helping you with your dielines!


Veigh Andrews




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